Get Involved

Listed below are some ways you can get involved and support the mission of the ReachFar Foundation.

For more information on the options below, contact Kinite McCrae at 703-566-9071 or by email at

You can also contact us by email at 

For information on making a financial contribution, visit our Donations page.





Show Your Support

Become a member of the ReachFar Foundation and volunteer personal time to assist in mentoring and special events.

Help Youth Soar

Sign up to sponsor an underprivileged young person in Kitale, Kenya (Africa), or for one of our sports, reading or camp programs here in the local community. As a sponsor you will reap the reward of knowing your gift is providing direct support to a specific young person in need.  In addition you will receive regular updates about the growth and progress of the young person.

Assist Our Special Events

Become a special events partner by providing services or goods relevant to a specific special event. ReachFar Foundation acknowledges all partners in special events advertisements.