A Message From the Director

Dear Generous Supporter,

On behalf of the ReachFar Foundation, I would like to WELCOME and THANK you for visiting our website! I refer to you as a supporter because your visit shows that you have an interest in who we are and what we do.


The ReachFar Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that provides advocacy, educational support, mentoring, physical fitness and wellness services to youth and young adults.


Our MISSION is to foster commitment, resources and implementation of programs that develop positive attitudes towards physical fitness and wellness, constructive behaviors, increased academic achievement and community service.

We seek to achieve this by applying powerful, proven, and personal methods, engaging in continuous discovery to determine and implement what works best and through leveraging resources to increase the scope, depth, and volume of services that will unlock the greatest potential to significantly enhance the lives of young people and their families.


Our VISION is a community where young people and their families are educated, equipped and encouraged to grow within, serve up and Reach Far!

Through our diverse sports programs youth learn invaluable social, team building, and appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication and critical thinking skills as well as develop self-confidence, discipline and respect for others! Our sports programs are one of the MAJOR revenue generators for the Foundation and affords us the opportunity to consistently perform our local and international community services endeavors such as:


“ReachFar with Reading,” which is a FREE literacy program that help youth develop a LOVE for reading.

There are 2-Tiers of this program:

  • Saturday Program: for elementary school youth hosted at our Youth Development Center.

  • Weekday Program for middle school minority boys hosted at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Arlington, VA. 

“iNeed Program,” which is a hub of FREE resources collected and distributed to help local families in need of food, clothing and school supplies. Families are referred to us by public school counselors, social services or concerned citizens.

“ReachFar-ther Scholars,” which is a program to support and increase access to education and supplies for under-privileged children in the town of Kitale in Kenya, Africa.

“Annual Holiday Party,” which is a FREE fun-filled community event that allows families who wouldn’t otherwise enjoy the Christmas holiday due to financial issues to come and enjoy a full meal, have fun, win prizes and receive gifts for their children.


Often times non-profit organization suffer from the inability to be consistent with valuable local and international community support because of a lack of funds or expiration of government or grant funding. However, the ReachFar Foundation has been blessed to consistently support our priorities without interruption through revenues generated by our after school, sports and camp programs. When you enroll your child in a ReachFar Program, you not only RECEIVE but you also GIVE!


We hope you will partner with us either with your TIME through volunteering, your FINANCES through monetary donations, your GIFTS through in-kind giving of material goods, or through your MOST VALUABLE ASSET OF ALL by enrolling your child in one of our many youth programs.

Through these programs, we shall reassert a sense of HOPE in the future.


Kinite McCraeExecutive Director

For more information about the Executive Director visit www.authorkinite.com and www.ti-why.com.